About us

Folk ensemble Čarnica was established in 1957. It consists of 50 dancers, musicians and singers, mostly students of high schools and universities.

The activity of the ensemble is aimed at scenic performance of the folklore of Eastern Slovakia regions, from Gemer up to Zemplin and Saris as well. When establishing this ensemble, the goal of its activities was tated to promote the artistic heritage of our fathers and grandfathers by music, singing and dancing.

The Čarnica folk ensemble was awarded many prizes beginning with highest state and social honours up to the Prize of Košice city. The ensemble was also awarded many prizes at a number of International Folklore festivals abroad, such as the Bronze chain (1963) and Gold chain (2005) in the Folklore festival in Dijon or the laureate of the Youth Folklore festival in Helsinki and Berlin. It was presented in 18 countries all over the Europe and Asia.

In addition, ensemble also provides also children's folklore group Čarnička .